Island Music

by Jake Stanton

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These songs-which span from early 2014 to early 2016-are an attempt at encapsulating some of my feelings regarding the world beyond Vernon (1998-2016). As I write this I am planning a move West and then...well...indeed. Then.

These are rare songs for me-as most of them are, to some extent, topical (where political sentiments are fodder) and perhaps a bit "on the nose." I wrote them to cope with some persistent feelings brought on by a general sense of ambivalence and/or social impotency.
Never heard of it?


With hardly any data getting in from the wider world (don't count the echo chamber o' internet or books ) the senses here are turned inward-insularity increases and the imps of the mind go sinister. They all chime "apathy! complacency! lethargy!" Oy!


All is not doom and gloom-for within each song I've sprinkled enough hope, dope, and rescue rope (careful not to accidentally hang yourself now) so ya might nab yourself a smile...might you even twerk? if so-maybe you can teach me.

Seeing as this collection reckons with the crabs of self doubt and the sand castles of self hood -this is, in a sense, Island Music. Not as pretty as the stuff with the slack key guitar but I do hope you find something here to take back home with you. Did I mention these songs were a bit tropical?

-Jake Stanton
Vernon, New Jersey
March, 2016

“I bear the wounds of all the battles I avoided.”
- Fernando Pessoa

"Gruesome, isn't it?"
- Daffy Duck


released April 1, 2016

words, voice, guitar, piano, synthesizer- J. Stanton

track 2 sample - T. Evangelist



all rights reserved


Jake Stanton Vernon Township, New Jersey

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Track Name: Civil War Singer
Well I voted with such great vague intentions
Read the paper for the same old history lessons
Lucy pulls the ball-Charlie cracks his head in
Don't Worry-I'm sure he's only sleeping

There's a civil war in a foreign land
Yet my complacency is all too boring to stand
This one wants a protest
This one kicks a can
I cop an opinion from one Russell Brand

To be a poet-but he cannot art--tic-u-late
On those pesky laws of grammar
And he knows it-that's why-he deliberates
On the fine details found in a wide angle stammer
No 'Strunk & White'-just blind anvil and hammer
Hey...I think he's sleeping

I never had the patience before
I just got dumb to wonder outside my front door
A gauze of muddy feelings-a cabal of gauzy thoughts
Eyes contain multi-toons---blink! and they'll be gone

And I can't say nothing about Syria
Got a carbon footprint foreverwide!
I go to bed on stacks of frozen food
On a comfortably middle class night

Well she warms your heart but slurs on the science
That girls got tenuous knowledge
It's a pump to him-but a dream to her
one day it'll just stop without a still small word
Track Name: Overstated
When you try to stop so hard
When you stop trying so hard to stop
Overacting you may begin
To loosen the quicksand up

And the guilt and the shame
Just a pattern in your brain
Like in all those books you read
To save your face and maybe feign good taste
And turn the demons into dumb things instead

And forget the shadow you’ve been living under
Even if cast from a great big rock
Either one day it’ll come down and press ya to hell
Or it simply: won’t

And the only way out is thru a selection of trap doors
Or perhaps just turning the guitar up real loud
You’ve been living your live like a fag with a wife
You’ve been trying too hard
Accept the fact you’re just a little slow
And your bro makes his bread from reading chromosomes
Track Name: Something I Forgot To Say
Something about NATO or ISIS
How must I occupy this long crisis?
Join a gym-grant my body some kindness
Or alcohol or basic silence

Find a girl I'll be nice with
Take my heart out-undo the vise grip
We can talk-we can joke about the mind slip
We can do that if ya like it

Baby I-I swear I'm a real nice guy
Might as well tell a soul as loving as you

Redress the balance between hungry and full
Still Horton hears a whole other world
And you don't miss a lazy Sunday until it's gone
Still you gotta pull at your own overhead for a stab at oxygen

Yeah I know you got a heart
Now go and fix that bed sheet
And be sure to grab your wax chin
Bobbing in the stemless wine glass

Resistance to change always happens so fast...
Track Name: Urban Prophet
One brother pines for order and old world certainty
Nostalgic and ashamed of impolite ambiguity
While the others refreshing, probing, questioning
Ditching the dots that are no longer connecting

Valkyrie swoop down-take me to good times never ending
No it's not for a lack of a liberal education
Or an intolerance of prolonged gradation
I just need a vacation, libation from flesh n' frustration

If the spirits comes and grant me a vision
Let me regress back to the bell curve of ordinary wisdom

There's a primitive, demonic world inside the soul
I'm an Urban Prophet baby and I shan't be controlled

I'm the 'O' So Precious Ego' of an accidental asshole
Got swallowed by the Super Nintendo while the Appalachian gets
(and louder and louder and louder)

And now I can't get down from there!
My boundaries are thinning out

I need a calm hand to gently tease and
Tease me out

And all thru this civil war
A girl on the casting couch
Pink and plump and floating thru the wall
I close my eyes, bite my thumb and take the call
Track Name: So Many Souls
Tomorrow I’m gonna go a’huntin’
Just me and my dad
And for the first time in my life at 25
I’m gonna kill another living thing

And feast on its flesh
With nothing but ancient respect

That night I’ll explore a traditional feminine role
I like the costume-I like the play of
Surrender and Control
I’ll put on a lipstick and don a black parasol

With nothing but ancient respect

Slippin’ through the public dream
The world’s moving forward while
I’m stuck in a stream
Somewhere between a door and a hard place
I can hardly get the look of your face off my face

I’ll slip out a slur
In a playfully glib manner
I’ll be unpopular with many of my friends
They wanna surpass the old culture
I just wanna play pretend

In the pretense I find the ancient man
The ancient woman too
In the morning I go chop some wood
In hot pants and work boots

I’ll take a little piss in my coffee, James
A little sugar too
Don’t talk to me about how it really is
It just is and that’s all I can bear to tell you

Some days I’m all peace and love
Global village-no god up above
Some days I long for the "gee whiz" of a child safe
The old world-the simpler times

At least as it shows up in my mind
So many souls up in the mind