Living In A Lullaby

by Jake Stanton

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Twas conceived in in mid-2014 after meeting the love of my (then) life. The fling was in spring. I sprung towards enlightenment with the help of David Lynch. These songs were recorded before-during--and after this trip. That is to say, Slow bird drops the worm but the worm has better plans....

Somewhere between classic romantic and catastrophic-insular and a little obsessive. I am happy to present you with this runaway success.


released September 6, 2016

Jake Stanton- synthesizer, vocals, programming, lyrics, guitar

Cormel Lee - ba$$ on 'Ballad'

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2.
Written by Sergei Rachmaninoff
Played by Eileen Joyce with The National Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Muir Mathieson

Celia Johnson as Laura
Cyril Raymond as Fred


'A Brief Encounter' film by David Lean

appears as the intro to: 'The Hug'

Thank you Professor Gary Mielo for introducing me to the film and great film, literature in general. Your memoir is wonderful btw (by the way)... .



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Jake Stanton Vernon Township, New Jersey

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Track Name: The Hug
Lost in translation
Found in a flicker
In a touch
In a squeeze
In a campfire sweater
And I look down
As you burrow your face
I feel you breath in
And it's forever

And I fall asleep
Cause I always do
And awake to find you've been
Dreaming too
And no longer standing but
Lying down
We look good so horizontal

Baby it's true
Strange lights funnel out of you
And into your bedroom
Where you get so horizontal
Track Name: Silver Rainey
Do you remember August, September
Wading in the murky water?
With Silver Rainey in your hair
Over and over again

Can you hear me coming
Over the speakers
Do you strain a bit to find my voice
Right now it's but a British whisper
Last night I was a silver horn blowing
Over the ice

You may find me in a high score
Near the Jersey Shore
In an old video arcade
But will you remember
That watercolor summer
Now drying on the rocks. . .
Track Name: The Lost Weekend
We had a Lost Weekend together
Maybe last weekend-fuck if I remember
But it feels good to lose a clear head from time to time

And meet and reconvene on that old fat couch
Upon coming up for air a gust hits the house
A sitcom is on but the voices are clouded out

And falling back in I guess I didn't hold my nose
The night air is cold and pillows out our clothes
You sound like a bad signal
But you look like a Blue Steel Rose

You look like a Blue Steel Rose
Or a disconium glazed centerfold
The light bends around your long shiny nose
And you look like a Blue. Steel. Rose.

In this sticky little scene I've made
We make out on the casting couch of my long charade
Sometimes on earth
Sometimes here in space
A shaky touch turns into an erotic hand of grace
Track Name: Become
There's a colossal world
Inside of my head
That holds all the negative space
Places you've been
Persons you've dreamed
And loves that failed to take place

A hotel dream
From a high school daze
Places I have never known
Mystery...Eleven Sixteen
Where do you go when you go?

Thru the slipstream
Of the moment
The television is left on
How many people
Have you costumed
Before I kissed you alone?

Throw out those vagrant eyes
Let's giddy up a new disguise
To fool all those suckers we knew
A can of warm beer
Sits on my bookshelf
I guess I saved it for you

What you've become
You've become
Track Name: Drive Safe
Drive safe you said
What you meant was please don't go
You know how I hate drawn out goodbyes
And please don't tell me what to do

Heating up some burgers
You had quite the appetite
You know how I feel about ya boy
So just please get some sleep tonight

And drive safe
Drive safe. . .
Track Name: Operationing
Did you take me. . .
I don't remember. . .
I hope you took me. . .
While we were alone. . .
In the dark. . .

Hold. . .
Hold your breath now. . .
I've got your breath now. . .
It's your breath now. . .

Have you. . .
Have you seen her. . .
Have you seen her. . .
There. . .
Before. . .

Wait. . .
Til the party's over. . .
Settle down and get sober. . .
Then imbibe my soul. . .

You've been beggin' baby. . .
I've been comin' thru. . .
All you've got to do. . .
Is come back. . .

She gotta big bottom heart in the darkness. . .
She gotta quiet taste in the calm pit. . .
And we know. . .
No one could go back. . .

Could we hold it. . .
Could we lie down on the wet grass and extol it. . .
Maybe I think I might own it. . .
You gotta shaky now
Shake it out

Dance . . .
Like your gone. . .
You've been gone so. . .
Very long. . .
Track Name: A Door In The Night
Taken by surprise
Somewhere in the night
There was a doorway
There was a doorway

Over the rainbow
Over the rainbow

If I could take you there
If I could learn to take you anywhere

A confidence would arise
Like a bird with fire in the sky

A confidence would
A confidence would take you
Track Name: The Ballad Is Always The Last Song
You can rock your neck to the Fine Young Cannibals
I'll have noting to say about that
I'll just move my hips like I'm young and invincible
And hope you'll meet me when we crash

And you look so strong
Like you just split a lion
And took his crown for your mantle

You've got daggers for eyes
You make the strong men cry
And the softer ones just turn to jello

But I don't want to glorify this hurt
is getting me high
They call it artistic license
But it's really goodbye
And hey (for realz)-she's smiling

You can crash your ride into my living room
I'll have nothing to say about that
I'll just float on my back and probably gaze at the moon
But knowning you you'll compete with even that

So I'm done with hoping
With wishing
With wanting
There is only so much more I can squeeze
Out of this history
Out of ths drink
Out of the first time you said please

But I don't want to glorify this hurt
is getting me high
They call it artistic license
But it's really goodbye
goodbye x3