Wanking In A Weird Eyelight

by Jake Stanton

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A collection of songs that span the years 2014-2017.


released October 29, 2016

all songs *written and **performed by Jake Stanton

*age 23-26 **age 26



all rights reserved


Jake Stanton Vernon Township, New Jersey

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Track Name: Sympathy For The Idiot
she insisted I stay home
precious cargo in there
guess I could've built a mic stand
but I slipped on a glassy stare

learned helplessness can help you
if ya need to catch a break
for 35 yrs I crossed my eyes
and now that's how they're made

drank a beer and watched TV
in nothing but my underwear
rented a tape from the library and
promptly left it on the kitchen chair

I phoned u at the witching hour
and ya dragged me thru the ringer
until I hung up wit the salacious force of a
donald trump finger

I ate an egg roll and forgot about all analysis
bliss came on at the drop of a hat
say I'm cherry pickin from the Mystery Tree today

they say one day the mantra will be meaningless
and the face will spot its own agelessness
well okay until then I will go for a walk or a stroll
with no goal in my loins and no goal in my heart

she insisted I stay home
precious cargo in there
so I close my eyes-cross my legs
and sweetly play with my hair

I do it til my brain goes numb
til I forget where the laws come from
til the old magpie comes
to keep my mind wide open

until I'm young and I'm liberal
until I'm cool and hip
until Im smug and sardonic
until I'm quick as a whip

all the possibilities are ringing out
(thank you)

she picked up the suntan lotion
and sprayed me in the face
"don't get too hot!" said she
as the Violins started to play...
Track Name: Preparing To Be Seen
Preparing to be seen to know....what
Preparing to be seen to know....what
Preparing to be seen to know what I've been on about
(I've been)
Track Name: The Unexamined Punchline
The unexamined punchline
Keeps me warm and glowing
No cumbersome observations
To pin me to the ground

The unexamined punchline
It's not smart nor knowing
Just a real kind of bodily funny
So please don't shoot her down

The unexamined punchline
Unapologetically base
And if you try to spoil my joke
Expect a pie in your deadpan

Face it--I don't wanna be angry
Over your cold dead heart
It came up from the toilet
It came down from the heavens
And pretty soon my pretty you will too
Track Name: Strange Magic
You know there you used to be a law
Against pretty women...
But the regime has changed
Or perhaps the fog has simply lifted

Or perhaps I woke up
In a wide, weird, and wonderful twilight
I saw shrouds of purple clouds bellow and take a bow
And steal my eyes for the night

Up their I saw girls walking dogs
And modern art made out of moss and logs
And a stand up comedian
Just hit the ground laughing

And nothing got caught in traffic
And everyone read 'A Light In The Attic'
And on warmer nights black bras
And bare legs to kick up the magic

You had strange magic

Just then a warm flush up my spine
And the clouds broke
My eyes fell down into a great big sea
And they shattered the moon into tiny glass boats

And down there the fish weren't shy NO
They exchanged soft blows with their eyes oh
They were mermaids, sirens
I saw you down there smiling

You were smiling

You know there used to be a law
Against pretty women
Now my eyes are waterlogged
Yeah they've seen some wild visions

And although my body it cannot see
You just about to splish and splash me
We're in the water and your breathy breath
Is all breathin' up against me

...and we're laughing

And though my body it cannot see
You just about to splash me
We're the water.......suddenly
With your strange magic

You know there used to be a law
Against pretty women.......................................................................